Affiliate Marketing


Imagine having an army of digital marketing mercenaries generating leads and sales for your ecommerce or online business — and paying them only if and when they deliver?

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

For many businesses who want to compliment their internal marketing team or outsource much of their online marketing team altogether, affiliate marketing offers a unique opportunity with attractive benefits:

  • No cost until they deliver. Affiliate marketers are not paid until and unless they deliver a lead or sale.
  • Little to no outlay for PPC and SEO. Affiliate marketers will invest their own funds in PPC, SEO and other online marketing channels to deliver the leads and sales you need.
  • Blanket the web with your product. By recruiting hundreds (or thousands) of affiliate marketers, you could have an army promoting your product and services on websites throughout the Internet.
  • Networks available. There are already established affiliate networks with thousands of affiliate marketers waiting for an invitation to work on your campaign.


If your online business is considering an affiliate marketing program but aren’t sure where to start, Web1Media can help. We have set up numerous affiliate marketing programs and can guide your launch — as well as manage your affiliate marketing recruitment and growth.

Whether you want to get set up with affiliate networks or develop your own independent affiliate program (or do a combination of both), Web1Media has the affiliate marketing expertise to get you going on the right path.


For more information, about Web1Media’s affiliate marketing program, please contact us for a free consultation and needs analysis.




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