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Digital marketing shouldn’t be a mystery.

In many ways, digital marketing is clearly more scientific and less of an art than traditional marketing and advertising. Whereas marketers of the past dealt with little available data and varying opinions on what works (usually based on personal experiences), digital marketers today rely on the technical and analytical — for good reason:

  • Digital marketing operates on the internet, which is logic-based and algorithmic. It may seem mysterious to those who don’t understand the programming language and networking infrastructure, but it is driven by logic. Compare that with marketing on television, radio, billboards and newspapers.
  • Digital marketing is driven by data — and tons of it. Arguments about what marketing professionals think will work or not are moot. The data will not just show us whether our marketing decisions worked or not. The data can tell us which specific elements worked or didn’t — and WHY.

The primary reason why digital marketing seems to be such a mystery is because it has its own distinct language.

Fortunately, digital marketing is a language that can be learned. And because it is based on logic, data and technology, it’s actually a relatively easier language to learn for most marketers, webmasters, online businesses and startup companies.

That is the purpose of this newly relaunched, evolving website: to provide would-be digital marketers with the resources they need to quickly understand and stay on top of this dynamic field.




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